Physiotherapist tells us how to prevent injury


Dan Hatch is owner of NPT HealthWorks in Newport, Rhode Island, offering physical therapy, massage therapy, personal training, fitness and recovery classes, plant-based nutrition counseling, On-Running Shoes, and mental health counseling.

Dr. Dan Hatch, PT, DPT, a physiotherapist in Newport, Rhode Island, sees first-hand the ravages of overtraining and not completing enough recovery work. He believes that there are many fads out there that make promises that are ultimately detrimental to our health.

“There’s no quick fix to living a healthy and happy life,” he says. “And preventing injury is key.”

To prevent injury and perform well, it is important to do consistent recovery work, implement good nutrition, complete your cardiovascular training in the right heart zones, address your mental and emotional wellbeing, and strength train.  

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