An outstanding networker gives for the love of it

The benefits of networking are exalted in many online business publications. Some even say that it is crucial.

“Nothing can ever replace the opportunity to sit down with someone, have a cup of coffee and connect on a personal level,” Jacob Morgan expresses so perfectly in the Financial Times.


Kenza Majbar lives in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is a telecommunications engineer and IT project manager at Swisscom. In her free time, she serves as one of the Ambassadors at Internations, the largest global expat network operating in 390 cities worldwide. In her free time, Majbar also runs a Laughter Yoga program titled Intinceller de Rire and is working on a project called the Wellness Alliance, the focus of which will be to create wellbeing salons to bring therapists and coaches together.

While sitting with Kenza Majbar over tea in the lobby of the Lausanne Palace, I found myself in awe of Kenza’s natural openness, joy, passion, and sense of purpose. She listened carefully to my questions and answered them without calculation.

Getting to know Kenza this way also helped me understand why her LinkedIn profile calls her a “serial networker” and why the marketing people at Internations—the largest global expat network—put me in contact with her.

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