Snowman cure for electronic blues

Here's what happens when you take electronic devices away from children: they make a snowman.

Oh what joy I feel when they are outside playing in snow and not sitting inside like zombies staring at screens.

I feel this happiness more and more now that I have placed limits on electronic time.

So we're clear, I've defined electronic devices as: TV, computer, iPod, iPad, Wii or anything with a screen. Unless, you're doing homework, you're on electronic time.

Now, my son is reaching out to his friends more and isolating less. I've spoken to other parents in the neighborhood and they are very strict with electronic time, and have even harsher limits than we do.

The dangers caused by excessive technology use by children have been well documented. The following problems have been associated with excessive early use of technology:

  • addictions

  • attention deficit

  • delayed cognitive development

  • obesity

  • sleep deprivation

  • mental illness

  • aggression

  • impaired learning

  • increased impulsivity

  • decreased ability to self-regulate

For more scary facts on this subject read  Zone'in.