Daily routines reexamined

Committing to writing a blog post every day is exciting and scary. What if I have nothing to say? What if I forget? What if I just don't have time one day?

Each morning at around 6 am, my friend's husband—a communications coach—sends out a text message containing quotes from the Stoics. Most of the time, I read it, because it's short and generates thought that could help me see things in a more constructive way. Perhaps, there is a Stoic in me that relates to Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus?

I think having a daily practice or routine can be a good thing, as it limits the number of decisions I have to make, increasing my odds of doing the right thing and reducing the amount of cognitive load.

So, I am all for a daily routine as long as it is in service of something purposeful, as connecting with you, dear reader.