What happens when you restore your integrity?

You attract inspiring and successful people.

Your energy levels increase.

You feel at peace.

You feel whole.

You have less conflict and fewer problems.

You spend time with people who are good role models and affirm who you are.

You live according to your values.

You achieve your goals.

You love yourself.

Your life is balanced.

You get things done effortlessly.

You remember commitments.

Your life feels rich.

You find joy.

You look forward to getting up in the morning.


The definition of integrity that we use in personal development is: “the state of being whole and undivided.” Derived from the Latin “integer,” or numbers that cannot be fractions, integrity means “whole.”

Applying this to us as humans, having integrity is more than being honest with others. It is being honest with oneself. It helps us build our character.

In the world of coaching, we encourage client to define their own integrity, in their own way.

So what would wholeness look like to you?

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