Eating without shame

Did you know that shame is at the root of all compulsive behavior?

If you feel shame after eating a burger, you are setting yourself up for cravings and binging. This is why diets fail, and why people gain more weight after dieting than if they had never dieted at all.

What's the reverse of shaming yourself? The answer is: Praising, respecting  and honoring yourself.

1. So next time you eat a burger and fries or ice cream, praise yourself and say: "I'm eating food I love and I am going to enjoy this!" Then savor it. Make the pleasure last, as if you were receiving a massage. Taste every morsel!  Chew each mouthful until it turns liquid. Afterwards, tell yourself: "Good job! I have given myself food that tasted really good and I loved it."

2. Be like the French or Italians, or any culture that is REALLY into food. I've known people who love designing meals and who just love the whole ritual of sitting at table with friends and sharing a great meal. There's something about the experience of planning and making it beautiful that satisfies the psyche before the body. 

3. If you do feel shame, talk about it. According the Brené Brown, an expert on shame, shame loves darkness. The minute you shed light on it, it disappears. So talk about that chocolate bar you ate on the way home from work. If you can talk about that one-night stand, you can talk about that bag of chips and get a good laugh out of it!

4. Go for other pleasures too. There's nothing wrong with pleasure so why not find other sources besides food. Things like: Human touch, making or experiencing art or music, playing sports, reaching goals, going on an adventure, and chatting with friends.