Get rid of tolerations and increase your energy levels

Imagine that each time you go through your hallway and flick the switch, the light fails to come on. And each times this happens, you think: “Damn, someday I’ll get around to changing that bulb.” As you’re always in a rush, this tedious task stays undone.

It doesn’t get done, because the steps required to accomplish this task are overwhelming. These steps include: 1) going to the basement to get the ladder, 2) climbing up it, 3) unscrewing the bulb, 4) reading the wattage on the bulb, 5) climbing back down, 6) putting the ladder away, 7) adding said bulb to the grocery store list, etc.

Annoying, hey?

Imagine you had 50 such annoying things in your home and work environments. Wouldn’t you really feel exhausted and overwhelmed?

Many of us can admit to having such annoying things that we put up with, and they are called tolerations.

Tolerations drain us. They keep us from becoming the best versions of ourselves.

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