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©Myriam Ramel Baechler / www.lumieredujour.ch

Diana Oehrli

Diana E. Oehrli is an entrepreneur, business coach, writer, and non-profit executive director who is based in Newport, Rhode Island. She partners with entrepreneurs and innovators, helping them make the world a better place.

A former newspaper manager, editor, award-winning reporter/columnist, and single mother she is based in Rhode Island, USA and travels often to Switzerland and France. Fluent in English, French and German, she is familiar with multiple cross-cultural lifestyles.

What Gets Me Going

What gets me going? I love connecting with people.

Being both Swiss and American, I have been exposed to various cultures and backgrounds and feel comfortable nearly everywhere. I believe that every human being is good at his or her core. 

As a coach, I love to discover what gets my clients fired up as well as to help them identify and blast away any coping mechanisms that are holding them back.  

I’ve changed careers, managed employees, gone through divorce, gone into 12-step recovery, raised kids on my own, and moved to new countries. I know what it’s like to experience loss, and then to look back in awe at my life feeling stronger than ever before. I want this for my clients.

I am a student of Shotokan karate and have played the piano since the age of six. Coming from a family of avid pilots, I hold a single engine license. Exercise, meditation, reading and writing are daily priorities. I believe in continuous education, self-reflection and development.

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